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You may be already sold on building an ADU on your property and perhaps you are thinking you have plenty of time to do this. Unfortunately, the reality is that you don't have the luxury of 'time' and that you should take on these matters sooner than later. Here are great 4 reasons why the time to build an ADU is now:...

ADU's-The New 'Private' Nursing Facility?  

May 2020- Seeing, experiencing, and knowing what we all have been through these last several months, it is without a doubt, I can say that I would NOT put my aging parent or loved one in a nursing facility, skilled or not. Being around aging parents and loved ones, some whom need daily care, and, some of whom have already departed this world, I can attest that all of them have said that they prefer to stay at home and 'Shelter In Their Own Place.' 
For a lot of us (caregivers, trustees, executors, sons, daughters), this is not a luxury we have since we live and work away from our parents and in separate locations. But what if we were able to take care of our parents and raise our kids all from one place, all from one location?
Other countries and cultures have followed this tradition for centuries out of poverty, necessity, or for various reasons. Let me take this topic a step further. What if we were able to take care of our aging parents, raise our kids, school our kids, work, entertain, worship, learn, operate, exercise, eat, sleep, etc...all from one location? Sound familiar?
Being a practitioner of ADU's, I believe you can check most of the above boxes, if not all. Yes, I know, having that physical, longer distance from our parents (or children) helps preserve our sanity, but, taking care of them, in the bigger picture, is a small sacrifice and the natural, right thing to do when possible. Shelter-In-Place has made us realize that so much good can come from the confines of our own home. Not temporal good, but, eternal good. ADU's help us achieve this 'eternal good.' Wouldn't you agree?